FREE ON DEMAND WEBINAR: #NowYouSeeMe: Exploring the Impact of Black Culture, Economics and Politics in Media & Communications


This webinar took place on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

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PRSA Chicago, in partnership with Nielsen, led a thoughtful and informative discussion around the Black community and this leading consumer segment with Chicago leaders in media, business, community activism and multicultural marketing communications.

Our conversation comes at a critical time, when Black audiences are being illuminated with a backdrop of social justice, societal reform and global reckoning. The movement has sparked cross-impact for consumers, small businesses and global brands looking to authentically connect with this diverse segment. During the event, we will explore the demand for understanding. Attendees will leave more informed about data, insights and subject matter expert perspectives that help to advance both consumer and brand narratives. We will unwrap the impact of current events that now play a significant role in communications strategies and business models through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

2020 has totally reshaped the American storyline around Black consumers far beyond buying power alone. So, how can we uncover the experiences and realities of the people behind the 1.4 trillion dollars? What cultural, political and economic factors are an influence on this consumer segment?

You are invited to head over to to check out their 10th-year anniversary African American Diverse Intelligence Series Report, exploring the power of the Black community, from moment to movement.

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