Stop Asian Hate

A little more than a year into the pandemic, society has finally begun to turn the page as COVID-19 vaccines become more available and restrictions ease. Despite these signs of positive progress, anti-Asian racism has only continued to swell since the pandemic’s onset. For many Asians in the United States, the challenges of this past year have only intensified, marked by dramatic increases in abhorrent discrimination, hate speech, and inexcusable life-ending violence.

PRSA Chicago joins PRSA National in denouncing these acts. We echo PRSA National’s powerful words: “The best way to fight racism and hate is solidarity. Be an ally. Be supportive. Be there for one-another and speak up when you see something wrong. It’s not the time to stay by the sidelines because you think someone else may do it or because you think it doesn’t affect you. It does. It affects all of us.”

To all of our Asian communications colleagues, PRSA Chicago stands with you and supports the movement to Stop Asian Hate.

As communicators, we have a responsibility to educate and foster understanding. At a moment like this, that responsibility takes on an even greater significance as we guide our organizations to boldly address the injustices affecting the Asian community.  

It’s not always easy to know what to say or how to show support – but taking a step to stand up for diversity, equity and inclusion is imperative. We encourage you to reach out to your Chapter peers to find support as communicators as you advise your internal and external clients. PRSA Chicago has been committed to improving our overall diversity and inclusion efforts by assembling a diverse PRSA Chicago Board Members who reflect different multicultural backgrounds, experience levels, occupations, age, and lifestyle preferences.

We are here to help – please let us know how we can support you.

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